Modern Storage Bed Designs

But now a new type of storage bed is starting to emerge. Modern storage beds (also known as ottoman beds) are beds that have storage capability built into them, something more than just an empty underside or a mattress just waiting to hide something. In terms of modern beds, these bed is a bit of a marvel of modern construction. Designed with beautiful materials in a variety of styles, they have a hinged sleeping surface with a hydraulic gas lift mechanism that can be operated by almost anyone.

When opened, the sleeping area hinges upward, to reveal a cavernous storage space that is the same size as the mattress! This space is perfect for tucking away extra linens, towels, out of season clothing and other items that you want to keep but not necessarily display. These under bed cavities are dust free, too, so you don't need to worry about the stored items becoming dusty or spoilt.
A large flat area means sheets & duvet covers can be stored perfectly flat folded only twice or three times, instead of getting scrunched up by being folded over & over. Many people also put scented sachets or bags of lavender inside too, where the smell will permeate through the contents.

Some storage beds (particularly children's beds) have drawers underneath, instead. These are a great way to store items that are used every day, as they are easier to use & the compartments are much smaller so individual items are easier to find. The downside of storage beds with drawers underneath, however, is that the capacity is much less, & they are not dust free or completely sealed in. These beds are better for children's rooms, as the drawers are great to store toys etc in.

So, if you are short on space but not short on things to store, why not try looking at a storage bed? They can provide you with the space that you have been craving while keeping your floor clear. Perfect for a kid's room, a guest room or your room, a storage bed is the better alternative to hiding things under your mattress.

And you needn't worry about compromising on style, storage beds are made by all of the best furniture companies. In particular, the Italian furniture companies make a huge range of beautiful beds in stunning designs & funky finishes, including gloss lacquer, leather & fabrics or if you prefer something more traditional there are plenty of wooden storage beds.
So a storage bed is many things, an extra wardrobe, a linen closet, a linen press, extra drawers or a place to store toys or odds & ends. As living spaces become smaller & smaller a storage bed can provide the perfect storage solution for modern living.

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